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Facebook shows how AI bans the only thing people actually want more of on Facebook: Weed


Mike Schroepfer knows a dank nug when he sees one. 

The chief technology officer at Facebook took the stage on the second day of the social media company’s annual developer conference in San Jose to talk about machine learning, marijuana, and making sure you don’t get your grubby little hands on any of that sticky icky. That’s right, the greatest minds in the Valley are spending their most productive years making sure you can’t buy THC Rice Krispies treats via their “private social platform.” 

Of course, this being F8, Schroepfer was making a larger point about how the service’s artificial intelligence tools have improved in their ability to identify and remove content that violates Facebook’s policies. Content, he explained, like violence, nudity, harassment, and the listing of drugs for sale.  Read more…

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