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Jonathan Majors reacts to a tweet about his Marvel character being on his phone's lockscreen

Jonathan Majors has some pretty big career milestones coming up. He’ll soon hit the screens as an outlaw cowboy in The Harder They Fall. After his timely appearance in Loki, we’ll see him later starring in the Marvel Cinematic Universe again, taking on the role as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

And appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, viewers got a glimpse into just how committed Majors is to becoming Kang. A picture of the Marvel supervillain is currently on Majors’ phone lockscreen. He was called out on Twitter by a waitress who served him.

Kimmel asked for proof and Majors pulled out his phone, where his screen was indeed a picture of Kang.

“It’s for inspiration!” the actor insisted. He then tried to trace his steps to figure out where exactly he encountered this waitress.

“I mean, where’s Marvel at? Find her!” he joked.

Majors and Kimmel also discussed his role as Ned Love in The Harder They Fall, who Majors described as a “badass”, and what it was like to work with Jay-Z.

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