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The 10 best video games to play while high


This post is part of our High-tech High series, which explores weed innovations, and our cultural relationship with cannabis, as legalization in several U.S. states, Canada, and Uruguay moves the market further out of the shadows.

Marijuana-friendly video games require four main attributes: simplicity, beauty, weirdness, and whoaaa cooool.

Playing games while high can, like most high activities, either be a portal to magical awakenings or scar you for life. Choose the game you pair with your herb wisely! Luckily, we’re here to help guide you to Video Game Toke-halla.

Our selection is guaranteed to not harsh your vibe, but enhance it. For your convenience, we’ve even implemented a contact high rating system: Each game is ranked from one to five trees, depending on how toasted playing it under the influence will get you. Read more…

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