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The best gifts for people who love to travel

Traveling can be very exciting — and rewarding. There’s nothing like going out into the world and experiencing new cultures, cuisines, and different ways of life. There’s a whole big planet out there that extends so much further than small neighborhoods and towns.

While the payoff of traveling is pretty big, packing and planning for those adventures around the world can be tedious and stressful. If you’re buying a gift for someone with an acute case of wanderlust, prioritize items that can make their travels easier and more relaxing. Perhaps they need a stellar carry-on that can get effortlessly tucked into the overhead bin? Or maybe a pillow that helps them get some shuteye during a layover? Travelers have very specific needs — plus, they may not have time to make a wish list (because they’re so busy living that jet-set life).

Below, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for travelers who need smart, tech-savvy, and multi-functional gear that makes it easier to pursue their passions. From backpacks to subscription services to adapters and more, there’s stuff on here that can streamline their way of packing, keep them entertained while they wait for a connecting flight, and just plain make their adventures more fun.

Bon voyage.

Source: Marshable