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This is the most annoying bong ever made

This is the most annoying bong ever made

Around the holidays there is occasionally a “hot toy” for kids that flies off the shelves and winds up on eBay with a huge up-charge. This was the case for Furbies in my youth and more recently, Hatchimals. 

In adulthood, though, these must-haves are fewer and farther between. Sure, there may be clamoring for the latest iPhone when it drops, but Apple has learned how to keep up with demand in recent years. And in the age of dystopian Amazon warehouses and click-to-buy, anyway, is any “hot item” truly limited?

Yes: Puff the Squeaky Chicken, and it’s what you imagine it is: a rubber chicken bong, complete with a squeaker that works upon inhale. The bong is made by MSCHF, the prankster group behind Jesus Shoes and the fake astrology stock app Bull & MoonRead more…

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